Reflections from ACLC Pastorsai??i?? Forum in Las Vegas

I noticed a real shift in attitude and commitment in some of the pastors who attended.

Several pastors were asked to give their testimonies of their experience in Korea:

Rev. Raymond Giddens, the senior pastor of Unity Baptist Church in Las Vegas, was the first to speak. I noticed a real change in his attitude. He testified to the quality of the organizational structure and the ai???Heavenly He called this a testimony to the presence of God. Not only through his words but also through his humility and conviction, I could feel that Rev. Giddens was expressing a new spirit of love for True Parents.

Dr. Phyllis Taylor testified that she had felt an overwhelming experience of love in Korea. She was very sincere.

First Lady Faye McDonnell, from Wealthy Life Ministries in North Las Vegas, called her experience in Korea life-changing. She said there is a whole new world from what we had known before.

She spoke of Mother Moon as a lady of reverence and said she could feel Godai??i??s anointing of Mother Moonai??i??s life. She was very moved by True Parentsai??i?? vision of world peace, and spoke of how precious it was to be amid so many people who had come together to praise Almighty God in many tongues. She said she saw True Mother as someone with power and purpose. I felt also an attitude of humility, deep appreciation and openness for however God wants to use her. Her husband was right with her. They have been ministering to the poor. I could feel that a great change is happening in their lives!

Archbishop Stallings said that God chose us and is calling us out of the boxes that we are used to being in. God is shaking us to the core, he said, and is asking us to enlarge our territory and not be afraid to tread into deep waters. He spoke of Jesus being an anchor and said he wants to be like Jesus. He spoke of the importance of spiritual discernment in evaluating our experience. We are coming into an experience far bigger than anything we are used to, he said. He testified to True Parents as two people totally consumed and inebriated by Godai??i??s Love, offering all their energy and resources to build heaven on earth.

There was a new feeling of deep sincerity and conviction as Archbishop Stallings spoke. He warned against getting stuck in doctrinal hang-ups to the point of losing the big picture. He testified about True Parents coming to the United States in the 1970s to strengthen Christianity. ai???If Christianity can become what it was meant to be,ai??? he said, ai???it will be the greatest change agent the world has ever He told those in attendance that everything will pass away except our character. ai???We need to love creation, love others, and live for the sake of others,ai??? he said. ai???The true test is how we loved one another, so let us tear down the walls!ai???

The vibrant conversation at dinner showed how electrifying the program had been.

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